BrainiacDating Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why did you start this site?

To meet someone who values intelligence above all else, and not to be one of the small fish on the mega dating sites.


2. Can anyone join?

Yes, there are no tests or admission criteria - however members can chose to display achievement badges on their profiles by taking various challenges on the site.


3. How much does this site cost?

It is free to post a profile, send friend requests and winks, search, play games, and to use the forums and blogs. It is also free to read and reply to emails and winks. At this time a monthly premium membership is $11.99 and there are lower effective rates for longer term subscriptions. We also do change prices occasionally and we can give you a free trial membership if you would like to check out the site first. Read more... (need to sign in to see this link)


4. Do a need to be really smart to join?

Who knows what smart means? You want to enlarge your brain and meet someone who cares about that too.


5. Who is the brainiac behind the site?

You can read more about me on the about page. I run this site by myself in my spare time.


6. When did this site start?

This site launched in October of 2008.


7. How do I contact support for more information?

Click here.


8. How much do you review the site content?

All profiles and photos are reviewed before they get posted on the site. Usually the process takes less than 24 hours, but mostly it is done within one hour. We remove members who are unfit to date as described in the terms of use. Please report any problem members to us ASAP.


9. What browsers work best with the site?

Generally the latest browsers are best to view the site. Old versions of Internet Explorer 6 are known to have issues. The site works on the iPhone, and on the Opera mobile browser. Find out more here.


10. How can you add a video to your profile?

You can add music and videos by embedding HTML. More info is available here.


10. How can I change the page background color or add an image, and how can I change the font colors?

There are many ways to edit your profile to make it look very cool. Click here.


11. What is the best way to break the ice with another member?

You can first send a friend request and see if they accept it. You can also create and print your own flirt cards.


12. How do I become a featured member?

Featured members are given high visibility on the home page and to guests browsing the site. If you would like to be featured, make sure to have filled out most of your profile and have good quality photos. We randomly browse to find candidates, but if you would like us to consider you, then please send us a message.


13. How do I change site color scheme?

You can change the page color at any time on the PROFILE->design page. Here you can also change the profile page background and text colors.


14. How do I block unwanted contact?

You can block specific members from contacting you by clicking on the block contact on their profile page, and you can also set broad criteria by age and education on the settings page.


15. How many photos can I post and what is the size limit?

You can store up to 15 photos totaling 2MB on the site. No photo should be more than 1MB in size. Once you upload your photo, it will be compressed to a maximum width of six inches. Photos can be made private and password protected. Photo editing can be done here. If you're still having trouble with your photos, feel free to send them to me and I will attach them to your profile.


16. What are the privacy options on the site?

You can put your profile on hold, which means that no one else will be able to view it, but you can still use the other features on the site like the search, email, forums and blogs. You can also password protect your photos so other members will need to receive the password from you before they can see your photos. Photo controls are here.


17. How do I remove my profile from the site?

Gosh, we sorry that you want to leave, and hope that it's because you met someone. Click here to proceed.


18. What is the hotlist or bookmarking capability?

You can hotlist or bookmark other members, but no information about this is shared with other members. The feature is only to help you keep a list of your favorite members.


19. How do I see who viewed me?

You can see who viewed your profile here.


20. How do I check my messages?

Click on the Mailbox tab near the top of the page. Messages are sorted by the list of senders, which are termed "contacts". Once you click on a contact, you can see all the correspondence from that person. We do not delete any old messages on this site. Messages are divided into categories of "Unread, Received and Sent". Each category shows the number of that type, and you can click on the number to see the messages for that category.


21. How do I search for other members?

There are a variety of search options such as quick, keyword, city, username, and detailed. There is also a matchmaker and Google site search. You need to be logged in as a member of the site to use the search functions. More information can be found here.


22. What other preferences can I set when I use the site?

There are a large number of settings, from opting out of the photo and profile ratings, to controlling the email notifications, to the instant messenger alert. Go here to change preferences.


23. What is the best way to engage in open discussions with other members?

Use the forums to post a question or comment. There are many categories and topics. The forums are member moderated. You can also use use the chat feature to engage in live conversations - if you dare!


24. How can I post my writing or art work?

You can use the blogs area to post as much or as little as you like. The contents are member moderated.


25. Are there any games or puzzles on this site?

Yes, there are a number of quizzes, and you can even add your own!


26. How can I promote this site to my friends or let others know about it?

First off, please do invite all of your single friends. There is an invite link at the bottom of the page. You can also place a brainiac badge on other sites. Feel free to write to us if you have other ideas for getting the word out. Write about this site in your favorite blogs, and tell the world!


27. Do you have an instant messenger feature?

Yes! If a member is online, look for the little "IM" symbol next to their thumbnail photo. Once you click on the link then the IM window will pop-up.


28. What about organizing events for brainiacs?

Yes, absolutely. I have organized several meetup groups, and have many helpers who keep these going. Check out the New York group. is an excellent way to start these groups because you can easily reach out to their huge pool of members. If you are interested in starting one in your area, let me know and I can help.


29. How do you seek out potential new members?

I have primarily used the Google search and content network. Over half of the members here came via my ads on


30. Can I get paid by BrainiacDating for bringing in new members?

Yes, just sign up for the affiliate program and start posting links to this site.


31. What if I have some other ideas on this theme and would like to help?

Feel free to write me any time.




- Lawrence